Awning Designs: How To Use Awnings To Enhance Your Penthouse Patio

Blinded by the light? Just a bit too toasty sitting outside? Adding an awning can make your penthouse patio the perfect outdoor room. And today’s awning designs can turn your patio into a place you may even want to use year round.

You picked the penthouse because it’s on the top. It gives you a view beyond what most people get to see, whether you’re looking out over the city, across the forested hills or out to the ocean. You can take in the sunrise, or the sunset, from indoors or from your patio. Being on the top also means you get more light. The daylight is wonderful, but sometimes it brings glare, or it’s just too hot to enjoy comfortably.

Regardless of the reasons you might want some additional shade, there are awning designs just right for your penthouse patio. The key is choosing an awning that won’t restrict your view but will provide all the benefits you need.

What you want is the perfect blend of form and function.
The right awning designs will protect your patio from the sun, but they can also protect your indoor space. Ultraviolet light can reap significant damage on your carpet, draperies and furniture, not to mention your skin.

Your awning can be almost any size – large enough to cover eating and seating areas, or simply a series of stylish individual window shades. Awning designs can help maximize outdoor living space, giving you multi-season use of that wonderful penthouse patio. You can enjoy the summer warmth even when it’s raining. Add an outdoor fireplace and you can snuggle up in snowy winter with some s’mores or a hot beverage.

The right awning designs will keep you windows cleaner. And you’ll save energy, because shading your windows reduces solar heat gain.

There’s no question awning designs can cover every functional need. But there’s no reason they can’t be good looking, too.

So what do you have in mind?
Before you get to the beauty part, you have to consider some practicalities:

  • Should your awning retract? Operation can be manual or motorized, from indoors or outside.
  • How windy is your patio? Even relatively light breezes can affect your choice of awning designs.
  • Will it be free-standing? If it’s attached, your building must be able to support it.
  • How big should it be? Shade is the point, but you don’t want to occlude your view.
  • Does the city or your condo association restrict awning designs?

Awning aesthetics run the gamut, so you’ll find exactly what you want. Coverings can be metal or fabric, in nearly any style or coloring you want, from sleekly neutral to boldly colorful. Match patio umbrellas or pick up colors from table coverings or patio furniture. Create a design that matches your roof or continues the roofline. Choose clear, translucent or opaque coverings. Add a fun trim. Awning designs are really just outdoor window treatments.

It’s time to call the idea people. Just like you’d bring in a talented interior designer to help give your indoor rooms just the right look, an awning professional can give you expert, creative advice about awning designs that are both pretty and useful.

When you call a well-established, reputable company you know you’ll get quality products, too. And that’s important. Any savvy homeowner knows that additions such as awnings can be a smart long-term investment – but only if they’re built to last and maintain their good looks. Besides, an awning pro can make sure you get the latest insider tips on design and materials trends. And they’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure the awning designs you choose are crafted with skill and installed with care.

So make that call. Then fire up the bar-be-que and get ready to enjoy your penthouse patio in cool, shady comfort.

Photo Credit: RC_Fotos via Flickr