6 Signs It’s Time For A New Architectural Canopy

Sometimes you need a change. If you have an architectural canopy , you rely on it to perform certain practical functions, such as protecting people from sun or rain. But you also rely on it to be a handsome addition to your building’s exterior and a multi-faceted marketing tool. So how long have you had that canopy?

If your canopy has overstayed its welcome in one respect or another, it’s no longer sending the right message about you and your business. Or your home. It’s time for a change.

Here are six sure signs it’s time for a new architectural canopy.

1. It leaks.
If the point is to protect people from rain or snow but folks are getting dripped on, that’s no good. It’s annoying and doesn’t endear you to customers. People want to rush on by to get dry, not stop and see what’s on your menu or in your front window. You can patch an architectural canopy, but try to avoid that unless it’s an emergency.

2. It looks bad.
If your canopy is faded, the fabric sags or the frame is starting to rust, take another look at it through the eyes of people on the street. How your canopy looks reflects on you, on your business or building. It affects whether people want to patronize your establishment or even enter the door. Your worn-out canopy makes the entire neighborhood look bad, something your fellow business owners won’t appreciate.

Maybe your canopy is just plain dirty. That has the same effect as other problems that affect appearance, but in this case there may be a simple fix. You can wash an architectural canopy, you know. And giving it a light cleaning on a regular basis will keep it looking sharp. More in keeping with your image.

3. It no longer retracts.
The nice thing about a retractable architectural canopy is that you can fold it out of the way when you don’t need it but extend it to protect customers from the hot sun. But if the retractable aspect no longer functions, you have a serious problem. Even your best customers don’t want to swelter in the heat and squint through the glare just to get a drink or a bite to eat, regardless of how tempting your menu is.

4. You changed your name.
OK. So your restaurant used to be called Sylvia’s, but she’s no longer in the picture so you changed the name to Eduardo’s Hangout and Bar. But that architectural canopy outside your door still has her name on it. It has to go. Not only because the name’s now wrong, but because you probably also changed your logo, color scheme and décor. The canopy just doesn’t fit now.

5. Your needs have changed.
Your business is growing – congratulations, by the way – or you want it to grow. You’d like to expand outdoor seating on your patio or create a space for special events or live music performances. You love your current architectural canopy, but it wasn’t designed for the kind of space or usage you envision for the future, so you really can’t use it any more.

6. You don’t even have a canopy.
This is a significant problem. You’re missing out on a host of stylish opportunities to dress up your exterior and draw attention to your place. An architectural canopy can help customers find your building as well as the actual entrance, if you’re in a business park or one of many establishments on a busy city street.

A canopy tells people who you are and what you do, using your logo and official colors to reinforce your other marketing.

An architectural canopy creates that all-important first impression of your business. It has to be just right. If not, it’s time for a change.