How Can An Architectural Canopy Benefit My Business?

Any type or size business can benefit from an architectural canopy . That includes small “mom and pop” storefront shops as well as multi-location national chains. Whether your business is retail, food and beverage or professional services, or you’re managing a large facility such as a school, hospital or sports centers, an architectural canopy can make a noticeable difference in how your business looks and how well it functions, for you and for your customers.

An architectural canopy helps people find you.
Some businesses stand alone in their own setting, but most find themselves among a throng of others — downtown, in some kind of mall, business complex or campus environment. That can create a visual cacophony that makes it hard to stand out.

Yet stand out you must, because you can’t do business with people who can’t find you. And since we all tend to be impatient these days, so you have to make it very easy for people to find you. The right canopy does just that. It also says, “welcome, come on in.”

An architectural canopy markets your business.
Brand identification, reinforcement, name recognition – whatever you choose to call it, your brand is your identity to the rest of the world. A canopy works like a billboard, promoting your business or, if you’re the building owner, the building itself.

Your canopy can mirror the rest of your marketing materials, from advertising and point-of-sale to in-store window treatments and even your vehicles, using your exact colors, logo, thematic artwork and so on. You’ll find canopy fabrics, printing techniques and detailing options to perfectly show off the look and feel of your business, be that smart and sophisticated or eclectic and fun.

Aside from reinforcement, a canopy can attract new customers, drawing attention from pedestrians, drivers and public transit riders as they pass.

An architectural canopy protects people from the weather.
It can provide simple shade and UV shielding during the hottest summer months. Or it can supply year-round all-weather protection from sun, rain, snow, wind, blowing dust or urban grit. That presents a more comfortable space, whether you’re covering pedestrians on your sidewalk or covering actual working space.

Your canopy can also shade indoor space, to reduce air conditioning usage and expense.

An architectural canopy gives you more functional space.
For most businesses, more space means you can generate more revenue. That’s a benefit everyone can appreciate. Your canopy can create additional display or sales floor space, or seating for food and beverage service. Overflow area that relieves pressure on your indoor space enables your business to expand without having to move to a new location. You can add sides — short walls to define the space or full walls with windows – and even add heat.

Your canopy can extend use of sports courts, a pool or other outdoor activity areas, or establish new space for outdoor classrooms, performances or other events.

An architectural canopy looks good.
Let’s face it. What savvy business person doesn’t take pride in the way their business – or their entire building – looks? We know you do, and a smart-looking canopy adds a finished look to your entrance or your entire exterior you just can’t get any other way. As an architectural element, it creates visual interest. It gives your business panache, curb appeal.

A canopy gives you style points. And if you’re in a business that caters to discerning customers or clients, style counts.

An architectural canopy can give you all these benefits, perhaps some more than others depending on your type of business and the primary purpose of your canopy. But the bottom line is this: an architectural canopy is an investment in your business future.