Tips for Choosing Your Restaurant Awning

A restaurant awning provides both style and function. The right awning can improve exterior appearance and make customers more comfortable. Equally important, it can support your restaurant’s branding and name recognition and attract attention from potential new customers. There are several factors to consider when choosing a restaurant awning.

Start with function then pick the styling details.
Restaurant awnings are typically covered in fabric or metal. No matter what you choose, your awning will need to be stable in any weather, water repellant and UV resistant. The assembly, or framing, attaches your awning to your building, so the best choice depends on location and your building’s structure.

There are four types of assemblies:

  • Retractable, which can be manually or remotely operated.
  • Mapes, suspended canopies typically constructed of metal or a clear polycarbonate material.
  • Stand-alone, for outdoor dining and special event areas.
  • Umbrellas, festive and shady for sidewalk or patio dining.

Quality is critical to ensure a long-lasting, cost-effective investment. Choose a well-known manufacturer that meets only the highest industry standards for construction and installation.

Look for lots of options.
Awnings come in many widths, projections, fabrics, finishes and mounting designs.

Since your restaurant awning creates an impression and promotes your business, use a contractor that offers full design and graphics capability and uses the latest precision production technologies that allow any image to be applied where. Ask to see their portfolio and detailed renderings, to get ideas and see what various options will look like.

Choose a company that can do your job from start to finish.
A company that provides full project management from site surveying through design, production and installation will ensure continuity and efficiency. You should expect:

  • Professional advice to select the best-looking and best-performing restaurant awning.
  • Personalized service, regardless of your business or project size.
  • Staff that are highly skilled and experienced with your type of project.

Doing your homework will help choose a restaurant awning that will give you pride and performance for years to come. So ask if your contractor provides professional-quality photos you can use for marketing.

Photo Credit: aspermoller via Flickr

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