5 Main Benefits Of Architectural Canopies

Successful architectural design results in a building that people like to look at. One they want to use. Again and again, on both counts. Architectural canopies can contribute to that in numerous ways, because they enhance the overall look and functionality of virtually any building.

Architectural canopies afford numerous tangible and intangible benefits. Here are just five reasons to include them when designing commercial buildings for owners or exterior build-outs for key tenants:

  • Every architect understands that a building’s “curb appeal” is crucial. Who wants to visit or work inside a bland or uncomfortable looking building? Architectural canopies impart a unique aesthetic and emotional appeal that other physical elements cannot supply.
  • Architectural canopies make it easy for everyone to find the building’s entrance, not always an easy task in visually distracting urban or other congested settings. And canopies welcome people right through the door.
  • A canopy protects the entrance and patrons or visitors from the weather, whether hot sun or rain and snow. Making your entrance more physically comfortable makes it more inviting. That says good things about your client, and every commercial business owner wants to feel proud of the physical environment they’ve helped create.
  • You can incorporate your client’s name, logo or other thematic artwork right on the canopy to reinforce branding and build name recognition. Or you can help promote a key tenant in the same way. Drawing additional traffic to tenants reflects well on the building itself and often directly benefits other tenants as well.
  • A canopy is an important architectural element. It can either reflect or contrast with the building’s overall design and style – blending in or standing out, but visually interesting in either case.

Sometimes canopies are an afterthought, attached to existing buildings well after initial construction. These canopies can be wonderfully good-looking and effective, providing excellent marketing and comfort benefits.

But architectural canopies – designed from the get-go to enhance a building’s appearance and usefulness – are simply superior and well worth the effort to incorporate then in a structure’s initial design.

Photo Credit- 5 by Squidish